Our Mission

The mission of the South Coast Chorale is to create an environment of belonging to entertain, educate, connect, and inspire audiences and members through music. We seek to build bridges between communities by using music as a universal vehicle for social change to remind us that we are more alike than different.


Present new, unique, and diverse performances that engage our audiences and members.


Share stories and events that have shaped LGBTQ history & culture while highlighting the interconnectivity of humanity’s shared narrative.


Touch hearts and change lives in a welcoming and affirming environment of belonging through the universal and unifying power of music.


Empower audiences, members, and the community to stand together for social change.

Our Vision

The members of the South Coast Chorale proudly unite to seek a better world for ourselves and our community by sowing seeds of harmony through the universal language of music.

Why we sing…

We sing for ourselves – to make music with friends who share our joy in standing together in song.

We sing for our allies and supporters – who raise their voices with us to help promote equality and acceptance.

We sing in and for the LGBTQ community – to embody a sense of family, unity, and belonging.

We sing to acknowledge where we’ve been, how far we’ve come, and how far we still have to go.