Educational Resources

The South Coast Chorale is committed to continued education of our members, staff and community. We believe this education must extend beyond the echoes of our music and we hope these resources will provide additional context and further explanation of many important topics, as well as resources for those in need of assistance.

Sexual Orientation

A Resource Guide to Coming Out

The LGBTQ Center Long Beach

The Trevor Project Suicide Hotline
1-866-488-7386 (24/7)

Members of SCC perform for Gay Days Anaheim at the Disneyland Resort


Gender Identity & Expression

TransHealth Long Beach


Transgender & GNC Services Directory


The Gender Unicorn

2019 “Songs of Stonewall” Concert


Racial & Cultural Diversity

Black Voices Matter

#BlackLives Matter #LBC

NAACP Long Beach

2018 West Coast Premiere of “Bayard Rustin: The Man Behind the Dream”


Love in the Mirror


Casa Youth Shelter


Pacific Gateway

2018 West Coast premiere of “Street Requiem: for those who have lived and died on the streets”

Mental Health

LGBTQ Center Long Beach Mental Health